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We do conduct a personal home check prior to you meeting a cat and adoption.
We always endeavour to make sure that the cat is suitable for you as well as you being suitable for the cat.


Timmy & Charlie
Age: 6 Years

We are bonded brothers looking for a new forever home. The foster says: They are loving cats that are always up for a cuddle and love to sit on your chest or lap for a ap. They are chilled out most of the time but do once in a while have a case of the early morning zoomies and play fight but most of the time they will be asleep on your lap or your bed. They love to sleep by your feet or in between you if you are sharing with someone. They are nothing but loving and will always make you smile after a hard day. They like to wake you up to remind you it is breakfast time. They are perfect cats for someone who wants loving new family members and whoever gets them will be lucky and loved. No other cats or dogs please.

Age: 15 Years

Rosie came into care as she was being attacked by a neighbouring cat and the owners thought it best for her to be rehomed. She would like a garden to go outside. The fosterer says: “Rosie is a shy and nervous little lady but loves a good ear scratch and chin rub once she gets to know and trust you. I have found that treats work well to coax her out! She has let me brush her and pick her up and has been calm and shown no aggression since being with us and is happy to chill on the back on the sofa watching the world go by. She does seem very wary of males. She isn’t interested in toys -even the laser pen- or being on your lap. She is a beautiful cat and it has been a pleasure to look after her.”

Age: 10 Years

Poochie is approximately 10 years old. She’s a very nervous, quiet cat until she knows, bonds & trusts you and then she’ll become your shadow. Very vocal & affectionate. All she’ll want to do is lie on your lap all day/night if she could. She loves going out in our back garden, particularly if I’m also out there or lying on the sofa in the sun in our conservatory. Would be best suited to a quiet gentle couple or single lady. She’s very well house trained and well behaved. Very frightened of other animals and noisy people/children. Doesn’t like to be held/picked up, her affection is all on her terms. Likes to play with ping pong balls or dangled cords etc, though she does play with her claws out. A really sweet little lady for the right owner.

Scrappy & Smudge
Age: 14 Years

Hello! We are Smudge and Scrappy! We are bonded brothers as you can see. We came into the care of South Devon Cats Rehoming through no fault of our own and have been staying with our foster mum for a few weeks now. Scrappy is vocal and loves to chat and smudge loves to greet his foster mum by standing on his back leg's! They are quiet cats who love a cuddle and are happy being picked up and cuddled. We are both long haired and enjoy being brushed. We would like a quiet home with no children as we do like to sleep a lot. We really don't want to be separated from each other so we want to go to our forever home together. We have so much love, cuddles and purrs to give our new hoomans. Could that be you?

Bertie, Georgie, Theo
Age: 8 Years

We are bonded brothers and sister looking for a new forever home. We have always lived together and do not want to be separated. At first we are a little nervous but soon adjust and absolutely love attention, strokes and head rubs. We have been neutered, chipped and vaccinated and are ready for our new home. We are all very loving cats and love to play. No other cats or dogs please.

Kush & Blaze
Age: 1 Year

Kush and Blaze are bonded siblings and need to find a home together. The fosterer says: “Kush (all black) is the cuddliest cat who loves to lay and snuggle with you no matter where, he also loves to watch the world go by from windows and loves sunbathing. He will also have a little play with his brother and toys. Blaze (black&white) is an energetic cat and loves to zoom round the house after toys that make noise he also love to explore new places such as cupboards and drawers. Both cats love chicken treats and snuggles with each other on the sofa, they are also mischievous and entertaining.”

Age: 7 Years

Hello. I am Felix. I’m a loving, affectionate boy who loves head rubs and attention. But I am also a typical boy who loves the outdoors. I need to be in a home with no other cats / animals where I can be the centre of attention. I also need a safe garden where I can play. I love the outdoors and love nothing more than taking in the summer sun. I think I am around 7 years old and would suit a quiet loving home.

Age: 4 Years

This is Tommy who would love to find his forever home. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He needs an outdoor garden and no other cats in the family. The fosterer says: “Tommy is a very affectionate male. He was very nervous when he came to me but is getting better now. He particularly hates the hoover, he loves to follow me around to see what I am doing and he loves to sit on my knee and have a big cuddle. A delightful companion.”

Age: 1 Year

Faith would love to find her new forever home. Her owner says: “Faith is over a year old, she is the sweetest little thing, she loves being stroked, and would leave her food to have some loving. She is very clean, and quite vocal, if she hears a noise that scares her, she does a little growl. She has pretty much been a house cat, does go into the garden but doesn’t wander far.”

Age: Approx 2 Years

Hermes is A reddish tabby who is totally blind - but a lovely friendly affectionate boy around 18-24 months' old.

Age: Approx 8-9 Years

Everest is now ready to find her permanent home. The fosterer says as follows:
Everest is a true Bengal personality: characterful, opinionated, strong, agile, intrepid and feisty. She had been used for breeding in the past but now spayed. She loves people (she would not be happy to be left alone all day) and is actually quite affectionate. You will know when she has had enough petting. She’ll reward you with the sweetest cuddles, head butts and purrs as she settles (kneading vigorously) on your lap.
Like Bengals generally, she is intelligent and curious, and needs plenty of stimulation. She loves boxes, zoomies and chasing toys. She likes high places and has an astonishing vertical take-off.
She needs a very safe garden in a very safe area. As a breeding queen she will likely never have been allowed outdoors, except perhaps in a catio. She is not streetwise She will never have experienced freedom and so – although she definitely deserves it! – she will need to be introduced to it extremely carefully.

Age: 1 Year

Evie is now ready to find her permanent home. The fosterer says as follows: “Evie came into our care because she was been bullied by 3 other toms that were in the household she was also pregnant she gave birth to 3 kitts and has been a wonderful mum she has now been neutered, chipped and vaccinated so it is now time for her to have a home.
Because of her past she is timid and shy but once she trusts you she likes nothing more than been tickled round her neck and ears.
We feel the best home for Evie would be a quiet home no other cats or children.
We are sure in a new home she would just blossom and show the little sweetheart she is.