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All cats are vaccinated.

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HOME NEEDED FOR DEVON This is Devon a two and a half year old lively cat. He has been neutered and vaccinated. He had a broken pelvis when younger but this has now healed and he is now ready for rehoming. It does not affect his ability to run around and jump up. He needs to be in a home without other cats or dogs. The fosterer says as follows: "Once he has settled he is such a little character, he likes his play time and like any younger cat can have his mad moments. Devon is such a lovely, friendly cat, he does love a fuss, however is not a lap cat as such. He likes to be around people and is more than likely found right by my side at any given time". If you feel you could give him a suitable home please telephone Pat on 07907 599166 or email:



FOR REHOMING - SUKI. Suki is 14 years of age and is the most gentle affectionate little lady you could meet, she loves fuss and companionship. Would like a quiet home with no other pets or children. Please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or e-mail


RODNEY (approx. 10 years old) NEEDS A PERMANENT HOME: At first he is a very nervous boy and hides so may take a little time to come around to his new surroundings. The fosterer says "he is a real pleasure to have around, he has such a sweet face and he is adorable, lovely company. he is very affectionate and loves to be fussed, but it took ages for him to trust me but now he comes when I call him. he is a very good eater and well trained on the litter tray".

If you can give me a nice home please contact Pat by e-mail: or phone 07907 599166

PERMANENT HOME WANTED for Milo. He is very young cat (about 10 months old) he is neutered and he needs lots of attention , at first he might be shy but soon he will show you that is extremely energetic, he likes to play all day, so I will advise to adopt him if you spend a lot of time at home. He is not a big fan of sleeping or staying in your arms, but really loves to play! He hates loud sounds, he will get scared and hide. So he needs a calm place where he can adapt to the day to day life.

If you feel you have the right home for him please contact Pat by email or phone 07907 599166