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Cats adopted from South Devon Cats Rehoming come
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We do conduct a personal home check prior to you meeting a cat and adoption.
We always endeavour to make sure that the cat is suitable for you as well as you being suitable for the cat.


Adoption donations are:
£100 for cats up to 10 years;
£120 for kittens up to one year;
£60 for cats over 10 years of age.

Baby Girl
Age: Approx 2 Year

The lovely girl came into our care while she was pregnant and then we had problems getting her to eat. These problems are now sorted and she has been spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.
The fosterer says:
“Baby is very sweet, affectionate, playful and loves cuddles once she gets to know you. Runs and hides from those she dosn't know particularly men. Never been outside as far as we know. Appears to like Felix as good as it looks in jelly and Purina one kitten biscuits. as we know with her eating issues I've not dared changed it.
She also sits and waits or is that expect? A piece of croissant for breakfast. She will eat through the wrapping to get to anything bready”

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Born approx. Jan 2024

This is Lennox who is looking for his forever home.
The fosterer says;
Lennox is a handsome young man! Very adventurous and affectionate. Loves a cuddle but also loves his play time! Can be wary around situations he's not familiar with but soon adjusts.

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Born approx. Mar 2024

This is to introduce Maurice.
The fosterer says:
Maurice is a lovely boy, slightly nervy of anything new so will need a quiet house with no children or dogs. Potentially other cats are fine. Likes to explore and loves his toys. He just wants someone to love him on his terms. Once he gets to know you he will love you..

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Daisy & Theo
Age: 5 Years

These two adorable cats are looking for their new forever home. They must go together as they are brother and sister and are bonded.
The fosterer says:
Daisy and Theo are two remarkable cats. They were rather shy initially bit now are permanent residents on my bed! They are great company as indoor cats and I shall miss them but they deserve a lovely, caring forever home

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Age: 13 Years

The fosterer says:
I have had Wills now for quite a few months. When I first had him he would run and hide he was a very nervous cat. He just didn't want to know anyone but after a little time he started trusting me and sitting with me because there was just the two of us. Now he is a very loving cat who still doesn't like noise or too many people around. He was very overweight when he arrived and we have been working on a diet which is going well but he still needs to lose a bit more. The change in him is unbelievable, now he can run, he loves playing and he can now jump on the sofa and on my bed. He would be suited for quiet home and someone that is home a lot of the time but on the whole he's a really loving cat when he gets to know and trust you. He now loves attention and a fuss

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Age: 17 Years

The fosterer says:
“ Mimi is beautiful ginger girl who loves attention and cuddles. She is a senior cat who still has lots of energy and likes to play. She would be a perfect companion for someone who is home a lot and would provide a lap for her to sit on. She likes her biscuits and a little wet food and a nice warm place to sleep. She is very easy to care for and has a lot of love to give”

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Lily & Reuben
Age: 18 Months

These two cats need a very special home as came into care as terrified kittens.
Reuben is a very loving boy but will take time and patience in a new home. He will come for fuss but that will take time and lots of encouragement god knows what he has been through at a very early age in life. He loves lick-e-lix and treats that’s how I built a brilliant bond with him. He doesn’t mind his belly being rubbed and loves to go behind my back in a dressing gown guess it is nice and warm but he has so much love to give to the right person. He loves his fluffy toys on a string and will play for ages. Reuben and his sister Lily have such a lovely bond but he is the more outgoing of the two. Lilly is very loving but will take time for her as she is more nervous than Reuben but still loves a stroke and a head rub but does not like her belly rubbed she also enjoys her treats and will come for lick-e-licks

Born Oct 2023

Susan is a lovely active girl, loves her toys and her food! Will need a safe place to explore as very curious about everything.
(Seems to be fine with the children she's met (over ten years of age), can be a bit hissy with cats she doesn't know but her and Cecily get on quite well together so might be nice if they went as a pair)

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

September 2022

I am Tessa and looking for my new forever home. My fosterer says:
“Tessa loves to play and attention playing with her toys on a rod with a string. She likes her food.
She shows immense curiosity about the outside so needs a home where she can venture outside.
She loves people and attention and visitors and them saying hi to her.
She likes climbing and likes several high up places at people's head height to sleep. A high up cat platform and bedding on shelves ideal.
She plays with candles so should not be left alone in the house with them if lit!!
Totally delightful fun cat. Bites gently which is normal for a kitten. Doesn't like staying on the bed or your lap for long periods. She's independent and likes and do her own thing. She comes running when I call her, and comes to greet me if I call her when I come home. I reward her with treats when I call her and she's very responsive and fun to have.”

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Max & Ruby
Age: 6 Years

Max: Food, sleep, and cuddles (in that order). He will eat when he can, sleep a lot and comes for cuddles when he likes! He is a ‘gentle giant’. He is quite a big cat but a ‘real softie’. He can be a bit shy at first. He is very friendly and gentle with a very soft miaow. Because he is a big cat, he likes a big lap and if he can’t get onto your lap, he sits very close beside you. He loves to be stroked and tickled. He likes his own space so sometimes he will hide away but not for long. He can be a bit ‘jumpy’ when taken unawares, but he is a pleasure to have around and is wonderful company.

Ruby: Ruby loves attention/cuddles, sleep and food (in that order). She likes a lot of attention and cuddles. She likes to climb onto your shoulder for extra cuddles. She is good natured and loves to play. She sometimes ‘play fights’ with Max but he’s usually not interested. She likes to curl up and go to sleep and is oblivious to anything around her! She is a lovely, cuddly, friendly and inquisitive cat. A positive ‘time waster’ and you can’t help but give her lots of attention. She likes to be ‘into’ everything you are doing. She is lovely company and will sit with you or on you for hours! She loves being stroked and fussed over. Ruby is a sweetie and is no trouble at all.

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email:

Age: 8 Years Approx.

Meow. I’m Yuki, a very sweet and gentle lady. I like to play and run around in my fosterer’s bedroom but my favourite game is to jump up on wardrobes where there’s lots of cuddly toys for me to knock down onto the floor for my foster mum to throw back up and when she has gone I do it again! It gives me some exercise.
I like to sit in the window and watch the other cats outside but I especially like watching the birds in the trees.
I love to lie down on my foster mum and we watch TV together. I love to lounge across her and give cuddles.
I would like to find my forever home where I can spend time with you and I would love a home where I can go out into the garden and explore and relax in the sun but I will need sunscreen on my ears so they don’t burn.

If you think you could offer a good home please contact Pat on 07907 599166 or email: